The Fragrant Mind – A Fascinating Perspective on Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Valerie Ann Worwood’s book The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is one of my favorite books on essential oils and their use. I recently got to dig into a copy of The Fragrant Mind, though. I had gotten a copy from my friend Maggie at A Wild Soap Bar but never sat down with it. What a great exploration of essential oils! She takes the science of essential oils and applies it to “personality” and “emotion” – looking at our bodies, minds and emotions holistically – and celebrating how essential oils can affect them. Even if you’re not directly into aromatherapy, it’s a great book to understand how your scent blends can work together synergistically – and even if only from a marketing standpoint – certain essential oils can be combined to create wonderfully conceived soaps and candles.

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Olive Oil Soap Recipes

Olive oil

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Thanks mom!

My mother-in-law went to Costco and brought me two big jugs of olive oil yesterday. For years, I have bought my olive oil at the “big box” discount stores because they usually carry an affordable bottle of olive oil that’s just “grade A” or “pure” but not “extra virgin.” You don’t really get any benefit, in soap at least, from using extra virgin olive oil, so the grade A is just fine. So I’m stocked up for several months now. Hmmm…what to make first?

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Soap and Candle Making Questions – Answered!

Last year, I did a series called “Mailbag Monday” where I took readers’ questions and answered them online. Everything from “What’s that white stuff on my soap?” to “Can I use crayons to color my candles?” to “Can I recycle candle wicks?” to “Can I use milk to rebatch my soap?”

I collected the answers into an archive – and I think it’s fun to just pore over the questions and answers and see what other people are wondering about. They say…the only stupid question is one that’s not asked!

If you have a question for Mailbag Monday, just email it to me at I’ll try to incorporate it into the next Mailbag Monday series.

Mailbag Monday Question Archive

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Miller’s Smorgasbord – homemade soaps


Miller's Smorgasbord

Recently, I had the privilege of dining with one of my good friends at the wonderful Millers Smorgasbord. A Lancaster County classic.  Man… if you want some delectable home-cooked comfort food, then this is the place for you!

I also browsed the gift shop area, where of course, I found some handmade soaps and lotions available to purchase.  See them below:

Handmade Soap at Miller's

Miller’s also produces their own line of homemade jams and jellies that look absolutely amazing.

Jams and Jellies at Miller's

Millers Smorgasbord is one of my favorite restaurants in the area, but I haven’t been able to go for some time as they were closed for remodeling.  The new decor is very nice.  Their wall paper now prevalently displays the companies 82 year history.

It all began when Mrs. Miller started a small business serving chicken and waffles to truck drivers passing through the countryside back in 1929.  Now it is a multi-million dollar conglomerate of several Lancaster County attractions.

Reading about small businesses stories, set backs and successes is always very inspiring to me.  I look forward to the coming years as my company develops its very own story that maybe will have the privilege of inspiring others one day.  I wonder what the next chapter will be!

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Resolved Question: 2012 election who are you voting for?

Mitt Romney he’s not perfect but who is? We need to take back America by storm and show the world we are not weak and blind. We have the power to ensure our children can get a job after college. Protect our boarders, bring businesses back home, stop trying to save the world and save ourselves, and save our country. Just look at our GDP over the years and it only gets worst when we strangle our businesses who pay our bills by employing us, over tax, over regulate when other countries are trying to bribe them to move. We must allow America to thrive in business, we must make it worth wild to buy our products, and this all starts at home. The link below covers Mitt Romney’s stand on many issues and these ideas can save America before it’s too late. Soon we will be out numbered with people from every Foreign Nation as we watch them destroy our prosperity and we feed them every bit of what was America. They will out number us and wave their flags proudly in our country. If you dont stand for America it will fall. Is America worth fighting for or are we weak and dont care what happens? I hear people say that their vote does not matter, but it’s the people that are not voting that are destroying this country. So get out and vote for people who want to save America. We have been politically correct for to long. If you dont stand for something then you will fall for anything. Who agree’s?
Freedom is not free, everyday we are losing our freedoms as we bend to small intrest groups who do not represent the majority of American views, many Americans suffer for the rights of the selfish few who dont care. Dont ask, dont tell use to work for our military and nothing was wrong with that but now all straight heterosexual males and females must shower with homosexuals in basic training? WTF has happened to us? Ok i’m getting off my soap box the lecture is over but I could have gone on for hours. Thank You for reading and please vote for American change and prosperity.

I agree with you Just Curious
Ron Paul is great but I do not see him as the Republican front runner, all you said was true the military supports him and I support him. I think the bailout of these big corperations was wrong and cost us more jobs then if they had failed. Now the government has been cutting the military and benifits to veterans to make up for the money they spent “our tax dollars”. Just look at all the government layoffs across the nation in the private sector. Bases getting downsized left and right with less staff then before the war. I believe in peace because our military ensures it. Without them our natural resources would be taken from us and our country too. God Bless the men, women, and families of our military forces. Anyone who puts their life on the line for freedom deserves the best from their country in support of that freedom.

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Open Question: What makes everything go forward in time as opposed to some things going backward as others forward?

Does the second law of thermodynamics really deny this? I don’t see why. I understand that entropy makes time go forward. But when things move in space, you would have to imply they move in time as well. It should seem valid then, that half of the mass in the universe would be moving backwards in time.

i.e. one whole planet going entirely backwards in time from our point of view?
as in eggs being unfried, babies going back into moms, dead bodies rising from the dead, words coming out of erasers, light bulbs sucking light out of eyes, broken glass assembling itself up off the floor, soap making things dirty again, children going to school to unlearn, etc.

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