Calculating the Volume of a Candle Mold – Candlemaker Math

pouring votive moldsSome of you will love this math – some of you will not – but I want you to be able to calculate how much wax you need for each of your candle molds, and especially want you to experiment with unique containers, pillar molds and other cool candles. These formulas to calculate how much wax you need to fill a candle mold will help you do that. There are only so many uses for recycled candle wax…so waste not, want not…right?

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Open Question: How do you get rid of redness after waxing upper lip?

Last night I waxed my upper lip and it was really red and kinda stung to the touch, I figured it would go away by the time I woke up in the morning but when I woke up it was still red and stung. So I covered it up with make-up and went to school. When I came home I took off the make up and washed it off with soap and now its still red and bumpy and still kinda stings but not as bad. I really need this gone by tomorrow! What can I do! I’ve already put on some baby oil and iced it and it’s still not helping!

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Open Question: Mychelle Dermaceuticals bait & switch: which products no longer work due to altered & downgraded formulas?

Mychelle is notoriously ruining their creams on purpose. I am fed up with this line and I’m going to switch to Devita Rx or another true organic and pure line. I URGE EVERYONE TO BOYCOTT MYCHELLE AND TO WRITE TO THEM TO DEMAND THE OLD CLASSIC EFFECTIVE FORMULAS BACK! If no one contacts them, if everyone keeps being oblivious to the changes, if you keep buying a cream that no longer works hoping it will as it once did, it only makes the unscrupulous company rich but doesn’t help your skin!

Here is a list of the creams & serums they’ve pulled the bait and switch on. If you’re familiar with the line, you might have found that after buying a trial kit, you spend the big bucks to buy the big bottle only to find it to be completely useless!

To date this are the cream & potions they have altered to be a complete disaster:

Perfect C serum: Not so perfect! I had a sample of this vitamin C serum; it shrunk pores on contact! I shelled out over $ 40 for a bottle: the altered formula not only no longer shrinks pores at all, it ENLARGES THEM!! :-/ It’s now loaded with glycerin which leaves the skin disgustingly tacky. I’m not sure what they added or removed that altered the formula but this serum is a dud!

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser: this really exfoliated my oily skin and left it smooth and clear. Around 2008 I purchased a new bottle only to find that it’s no more effective than dish soap. Here again some questionable (toxic?) ingredients: polyglyceryl-4 caprate, polysorbate 20, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol.

Supreme Polypetide Cream: I am so disappointed. This used to shrink and REMOVE wrinkles on contact. The new jar I bought in 2012 has an altered and toxic formula, loaded with GMO and other toxins. Gone are the peptides that made this a miracle cream. Whereas the 2011 formula worked ON CONTACT to instantly shrink deep lines and wrinkles to a non-existant hairline this ghost of parody of the original does nothing at all. At over $ 53 a jar, you might as well buy an infomercial line for $ 29.95, you’ll probably get a lot less carcinogens and just as ineffective a useless product!

Fabulous Eye Cream: this sample from the trial kit also worked on contact to shrink wrinkles but for the eye area. Alas the new altered formula does not work. Close to another $ 30 down the drain for 0.5 oz! :-/ Ladies don’t waste your money: this product has so many toxins, GMOs and other carcinogens the list is too long to paste.

NoTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum: $ 60, tons of toxic ingredients, 100% ineffective. Even the sample I got didn’t work, I guess I came to this one late to the party so I saved myself the money here!

Pumpkin Renew Cream: today I got my jar in the mail. I wanted to stock up on this, the last vestige of the Mychelle former glory. The only cream that still worked to give me an airbrushed appearance and exfoliate my skin while nourishing it without grease or oily feel. To my horror, when comparing it to my current cream, I see that the list of ingredients is longer! :-/ Sure enough, this has been tempered with more preservatives and goodness knows what other nonsense has been added and the good stuff probably removed like in the rest of their creams!

Some of their products have been altered to contain aluminum. Read your labels! As for me, I’m done buying Mychelle. I can’t waste another dollar and they’re changing formulas at such dizzying speed the websites don’t even have updated info. Why pay for something that no longer works, right?

Which Mychelle Dermaceuticals items have you used which now no longer work for you?

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Open Question: How will the Western world act if George Zimmerman was actually found guilty for his particular shooting?

I first answered a question on it, by a dude called ‘Red Sox 27149′ a good 12 days ago…when everything was still fairly quiet on the net, and the only snarler was the above guy. Perhaps it was only going to be an American thing…but as the days went on, the ‘bomb’ went off, and everybody wanted to be in on the act with even a few Brits jumping on the bandwagon – of surreal questions/answers. There were some not even making a great deal of sense, even out Red Sox-ing Red Sox with their various ‘isms’ – and most of the participants usually being seen mostly on ‘Reality Television & Soap Opera’ sections of Y!A, and other sections far from Current Events as possible, as the questions get odder…and odder;;_ylt=AhtoK.P_Ypi0GWOvZyPHffb9Tn1G;_ylv=3?qid=20120327011513AAp9sIZ

And so, as the armchair snarlers have shown us how steamy they can get, how indeed would they feel if their hero of the hour indeed gets some time…despite various new bits now and then alleging that Trayvon was not altogether eager to STAND STILL and let Uncle George blow him to pieces…which of course to many on here was the wrong thing, and it ‘proved’ Trayvon had a ‘bad attitude’ by wanting to live;

Will the US extreme right-wing parties see Zimmermans jailing (if that happened), as a call to arms?

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Open Question: Puss on nose piercing?

i got my nose piercing a week ago and when i woke up and yawned (while still in my bed) i felt the nose stud fall out. i picked it up and went to my bathroom where i clean my piercing out with sea salt (2x a day and dial anti-bacteria soap every other day, when im taking a shower). anyways, i noticed a little bit of white puss around it and gently cleaned it until i couldnt see anymore, then i put the piercing back in (not a new thing for me, probably the 3rd time my piercing had to be put back in) and then cleaned it for about another 5 mins with luke warm water and a pinch of sea salt with cotton swaudes.. should i be worried about this puss, most say its ok, while others say its a sign of infection.. i dont think my is infected becausw ive been taking really nice care of mine, cleaning it al lot and making sure its not irritated.

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Coca Cola Gel Candle

coca cola candleSome prefer iced tea, some prefer soda. So I’ve created both. If the former, you can make an iced tea gel candle. If the latter, you can make a Coca Cola gel candle. (Although I suppose it could be root beer, Pepsi or even Tab!) Summer is coming and it will be time to display these beverage themed candles.

Coca Cola Gel Candle originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Sunday, March 25th, 2012 at 12:15:56.

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Dipped Leaves & Flowers – Single Use Soaps

Nothing says springtime has arrived like fresh flowers in the house. If you haven’t been to the florist lately, you can create some spring cheer with these single-use dipped silk flower petal soaps. They’re super easy to make – and you can make them using flowers from different seasons – pansies for spring, poinsettias for Christmas, autumn leaves for fall.

Video tutorial – how to make dipped flower petal soaps

Step-by-step tutorial – autumn leaves soaps

Dipped Leaves & Flowers – Single Use Soaps originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 at 10:32:38.

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Open Question: what is this older movie?

I watched this movie about 20-ish years ago. This girl goes to join her dad out west where he was prospecting. At a river, her dad took her over and then her trunks (on a raft) and the raft tipped and all her things fell in. One day she was making soap and some of her dad’s indian friends came and thought it was food and since they couldn’t speak english, she couldn’t tell them otherwise, so they ate it and pretended it was good, than ran behind the cabin and spit it out. Her dad was killed later by some men -maybe wanting his claim?- and one morning after they took it over, she sneaked up and set a bear trap outside the door and one of them stepped in it. She ended up killing them all I think. The opening scene is where she shoots one of them and also gets shot herself and is either remembering or telling her story. Also, at start she was dressed like a man, and drove this wagon into town and some guys were unloading it and she was helping and was jostled and her hat fell off and her hair fell down, that was when she shot the m

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