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Open Question: I feel like trapped between two thoughts? NEED HELP?

I am 19. I am gay & i have like war of two thoughts or between negative & positive.
when i realized i was like guys, a thought came in my mind was that is it real ? or it is just phase. But then i remember that from childhood i always attracted to guys from that age (i think from 9) when i even don’t know The word GAY. i never talked to anything about it, at my teens where my each & every friend & my brother (his is the one who really understands me) always talk about how that girl is hot…!!!!!, Ohhh look at her boobs & curves…… but i always think ok, yeah she is beautiful (but not seductive way)

At teen we all watch p**n so do i. First i enjoyed it very well but i got really bored by straight p**n then for new experience i see a gay p**n & that really attracted me & enjoyed even more. then i started to watch gay soaps. (then i accept myself as gay & i feel so happiest person in world & proud too) When i heard word like true love / commitment, the first thought came in my mind is love between 2 guys. In fact both NPH-David Burtka & Bradgelina r my fav.couples but i found NPH & david more committed more in love.(that doesn’t mean Brandgelina r not).

But after some time once i saw a movie in one seen a gay guy was got abused. That makes me so scared but i came out from that but just for that instance a thought came in my mind should i reconsider this whole gay thing? (i know it sound so crazy & illogical) then i my mind gets distracted by other negative factors like cheating BF (but i am still single) / dis-respecting society / sexual abuse / STI’s / murder etc.

I am not a negative person. & i am not saying that these negative possibilities that I’ve mentioned gonna happen to me or i am scared or afraid of it but yeah that r bringing me down. When i accepted myself, i knew that there will very few people will be with me, society will hate me (it is not bothering me), i am in India so i am not sure that i get my true love. But i were very confident, hopeful, positive about being gay. But i think i got little bit depressed by these negative aspect. (i am not losing my hope or faith or trying to change myself).

But one part of me says don’t worry if something is destined to happens with me that will happen (i mean whole love, relation, commitment thing & other bad things too) just believe in urself & do what u want. and all is going to be well, happy & fine. But one part of thought in practical way. that there is guarantee that i will find my soul-mate, so maybe i will have to spend my rest of life like any other indian guy live or something bad could happen to me. so to make myself positive i decided to came out to my best friends & they will surely understand me. But i am not feeling confident about it.

guys i need ur opinion about the whole gay thing & tell me should i share it or came out to my friends. Thanks 4 reading & answering.

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Open Question: Very Itchy Vagina ??????????

My vagina is itching very bad . please do not say yeast infection because that’s every bodies main excuse for itchy vagina. Im not discharging , its not red down there , i have a bump but its the same color of my skin and you can not see it but feel it , it just itches very bad do you know what it could be and how to make it stop ?

My vagina is for sensitive to soap which is why i dont use it just summers eve . Ive just started taking my birth control again and it seems like every time i start taking it and like four months my vagina starts to become itchy could that be the problem ?

i looked in the mirror at it just to make sure it wasn’t red and every time i squeeze my vagina together clear liquid comes out it doesnt smell like anything but i dont know if that has something to do with it or not .

it kind of looks like im squirting but im defiantly not in the mood .
Im not sexual active either

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Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes

I love the feeling that a sugar or salt scrub gives to your skin. Part moisturizing and part exfoliation. But they’re so messy – and sugar scrubs require a preservative to keep from getting moldy.

This variation adds melt and pour soap to the mix – so it holds up as a single use cube – and the soap helps with rinse off and clean up. And because no water is added, you don’t need to add a preservative. Give them a try!

How to Make Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes

Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 23:29:44.

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Making Your Soap Whiter

bowl of white and colored soap
altrendo images / Getty Images

Many soaps in stores today are white – bright white – but because they are made with added colorants and/or surfactants and detergents – they’re artificially white. Natural soap, especially soap made with olive oil is going to have a slightly tan or beige color. But it is possible to adjust your real soap recipe to be whiter using only natural ingredients.

Some tips to do it:

  • The color of the soap is largely determined by the ingredients. While some base oils will give you a nice, white soap, others (incl. olive oil) will impart a more beige/green tint to the soap.
  • Fragrance and essential oils can impart their color to the soap significantly…especially any fragrance oils that contain vanilla.
  • Using milk or other liquids in the recipe can shift the soap’s color too.
  • While titanium dioxide is an additive, and has a chemical-like name, I pretty much think of titanium dioxide as a pretty “natural” ingredient.

For more information, check out How to Make Old Fashioned Hard White Soap.

Making Your Soap Whiter originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 at 09:23:14.

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Local Entrepreneur Whips Up Some Soap

Sandi Garrett Little is among a growing trend of entrepreneurs that, over the past decade really, have either left or been laid-off from “real jobs” and have, in the search for their next new adventure, found it in making soap. Like most small to mid-sized soap makers, Little does everything for her business, Harmony Bath and Body. She says, “I formulate the products, make them, create my packaging as well as print and apply labels.  I’m Formulator, Purchasing, Production, Inventory Control and Sales and Marketing.  I’d like to hire someone to help me soon while I continue to be creative with making the products.” Little also works to promote and advance the craft and trade of soap making. She is the current Vice President and past President of the Alabama Soap and Candle Association, an organization with a buyer’s co-op and annual educational conference.

Read more about Sandi and her soap making journey…

Local Entrepreneur Whips Up Some Soap originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 22:41:26.

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Duncraft’s 8 Sure-Fire Tips To Attract Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are one of the most interesting species of birds and they have dazzling, iridescent colors. Duncraft offers these eight great tips so anyone can attract and enjoy these amazing “flying jewels” in their backyard.Concord, NH (PRWEB) April 19, 2012 Hummingbirds are one of the most interesting species of birds. They can hover, fly forward, backward and up and down. Not to mention their …
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