Open Question: Face moisturizer for men that does not leave face shiny?

25 year old male here.

Tried two moisturizers with SPF. One is Neutrogena triple protect face lotion SPF20 (
the other is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream SPF15 (

Both seem to make my face shine after application. It may be that I applied it between 1-2 hours ago and it takes awhile to lose the shine. Maybe others like the shine. I don’t necessarly like it.

Note however, I have really started trying to take good care of my skin. All my life I have always just used bar soap. Never payed attention to the type. Trying to get a good routine in.

I also started tanning recently. In a hope to make the “red” skin blemishes, old acne scars and new breakouts.
Note, I do have really oily skin.

Suggestions? Beyond the face lotion. Anything you can recommend for oily skin? (Also REALLY big pores).
Thanks. My current routine involves facewash with
1. oil free clean and clear exfoliating scrub
2. oil free clean and clear deep pore scrub
if shaving – everyman jack preshave face scrub then shave using my electric razor
3. CVS 99% alcohol free refreshing toner over face
4. moisturizer (but havn’t found a good one yet).

I also use around 2-3 times a week olay regenerist advanced anti aging thermal mini-peer and ~2 times a month some clay mask. Once a week biore deep pore cleanisng nose strips.

However, this stuff is expensive and I have not found a good set that works. I am a male 25 years old, so when I go to the “face cleaning” isle of the grocery store it so confusing for me. I have no idea what I am looking for. The 24 hour pharmacy is even worse.

I bought all that stuff I mentioned before I even realized I had this “oily skin”. =/.

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Open Question: Nothing Ever Goes Right No Matter What… :(?

Everything I do never goes right, no matter what, I try and have a shower, I end up forgetting to wash some soap off my arm and walk around public with it all white and clunky nasty looking, I try and make friends at a party everyone laughs at me or I get beat up and they make all the friends while im left bleeding on the ground or I get close to making some friends and someone talks badly about me and turns them against me and im basicly shunned and people say “oh we will meet up later” and they never message me or call me… some of these horrible rumors that are going around the city they often speak of me doing false things even though im too much of a loser to even get away with any of these so called things… I try and talk to some girls on facebook and all I really get to see is “Seen 10:31 Pm” and they never respond… I come home to find that my tooth brush has some sort of pubic hair on it fortunatly for me I noticed it before I used it, and I also looked in my mouthwash to see a pair of dead flys floating in it… I live in foster care, have been in here my whole life, nothing goes right at all, nothing, I can’t even kill myself right I tryed to slit my throat before but the knife was on the wrong side, I am 18 Years Old Oh And get this My last name is B*ner. Literally. I have gotten to the point where I do not speak at all, I have not said a word in a year, all I do is nod or shake my head, I am planning to kill myself on my next birthday , because I am gonna turn 19 and be out on the street, I have tryed finding work for 2 years straight no call backs no emails no nothing, I just don’t know what to say which is why I no longer speak. Anyone Else Have It Worse Then I Do? My Mom Has HIV and is dying and my dad is drinking himself to death… What The F*ck Do I Do?

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ABC the big winner with five Daytime Emmys

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The "Today" show, "General Hospital," "Live With Regis and Kelly" and "Jeopardy!" were among the big winners at Saturday night's 39th annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The long-running "General Hospital" won for outstanding drama series, or soap opera, while NBC's "Today" show, which has recently seen competitor "Good Morning America" challenging its ratings throne, was named …
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Open Question: What are the advantages of a “coated” lens on safety goggles and can they protect against acid?

I intend to be working with lye (caustic soda) but I’ve seen a pair of safety goggles I really like which are made with an “uncoated polycarbonate lens”. My purpose of using lye is for making traditional cold-process soap making where lye is an essential ingredient. It is unlikely that the lye with splash on my face but I do really need to have the right eye protection. Does anyone know what the lens coating of safety goggles is specifically for?

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Open Question: I have a problem and need some ideas!?

I am having a burning sensation near my vaginal opening for the past few days. No discharge, no odor, slight itching (barley even noticeable). Soap makes the burning worse (even though I use an unscented, no dyes, no fragrance soap.) I have been using Monistat 3 for the past two night to no relief. I know this is not a UTI (I have had many of those in the past.) I called and am waiting to speak to a nurse right now but in the mean time, I just want some ideas as to what this could be? Is it a yeast infection? Is it BV? I do not have STDs (am married and know my husband doesn’t sleep around, nor do I) Help!

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Open Question: What can I clean my saddle with?

I have a cheap, old, beat up english saddle that has served me well lol i have a horse show Saturday and Sunday and i need to try and make it look presentable. Where i live, there aren’t many equine stores near by and i have no saddle soap. What can i use to make it look better? It is scratched up quite a bit too, and i would like to darken the scratches to make them less noticeable. Is it safe for the leather if i use olive oil on it?

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Open Question: Can I bring this stuff on a Carry-On bag for a plane flight?

This week I am going on vacation internationally. My mom is making my brother and I take carry-on bags for our stuff instead of a checked bag (I assume it’s cheaper?). Then, the things we can’t take on our bags (shampoo, conditioner, big bottle of lotion, etc.) or fit in our bags will be taken in her checked bag. So I have a question. Can I take eyeliner, mascara, mini sized lotion, mini sized soap, and mini sized perfume (all from bath and body works except for mascara) on the plane ride with me in a zip lock bag? I don’t want to get anything thrown away that I might need.
Oh and since I am a girl, can I take a purse and a carry on? I have money and things that I want to take with me.

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