Open Question: How to fix my line up (hair)?

Ok so I got my hair cut and got lined up at the mall on Wednesday and now it’s Sunday and I need to cut the hair again from the sides and the. Line if I don’t it will look ugly and when I do it I mess up I make it bigger not the same shorter longer etc so how can I do it better or were should I go or way should I buy to do it with. I use to do it only with a razor and soap but I don’t want to mess it up please help

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Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper
Martin Harvey / Getty Images

One of my favorite things about making soap and candles is experimenting with scents and essential oil blends. With just a few basic oils, you can create wonderful, personal scents that you and your friends will love. Every once in a while I get to try a new essential oil that I’m not familiar with – and that is really exciting. I recently was able to try some black pepper essential oil and it is so nice! We are all familiar the with the ground black pepper in our cabinets, but the essential oil is different – spicy, yes – but also warm and woodsy and exotic. It’s pretty expensive, but if you can get your hands on some, it gives essential oil blends a complexity that’s amazing.

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Open Question: My goldfish is having problems, can you help?

Ok my Goldfish Raven has all of a sudden had issues today. I looked up some of his/her symptoms on the internet but I am still not sure what is wrong with him. He’s a regular old gold fish, common I think, and he’s usually a very hardy fish.

Earlier today I went to check on him and he was just kind of sitting under a fake plant. I bumped the glass a bit to see if he would respond and he did. He swam to the other side of the tank and sat behind a cave. I decided to give him a little bit of food and he acted normally, darting around the tank when he saw a piece of it. I left for awhile to do some cleaning and when I came back he had returned to his corner.

Later he began to dart around the tank and crash into things, he even swam up a corner and looked like he was going to try to jump out (I do have a lid on my tank). Eventually he settled back down in a corner but every once in awhile he would dart around again. His mouth would make odd and rapid movements now and again too.

About an hour later I checked on him once again, and this time he was at the front of the tank acting normal. But then his tail jerked and he started acting odd again. Once he oddly managed to get himself back behind his plant his mouth started opening and closing rapidly again, sometimes spitting a bit of food out.

This isn’t exactly what happened but it’s rather close. Now poor Raven is at the front of my tank and he seems to be moving his fins fast, kind of like twitching.

I’m not very expierence with goldfish yet and my book says nothing about this odd behavier. There’s nothing different about his appearance that I notice, besides some small black and a few red splotches on the end of his tail. (The black is pretty normal though since he was a half black half gold fish when I got him, he changes colors every once in awhile and is gold at the moment)
Can you please tell me what is wrong with my fish and what I can do?

More Details-
• 15 gallon tank
• Only fish in it.
• He’s excaped death many times (once he jumped out of the tank and was hardly breathing when i saw him, a few other times me and my unexpierencedness sent my other fish into shock when I changed their water… but he tends to get over shock fast)
• He’s a little bit smaller than a soap box, maybe the size of an Intesity phone.
• I cleaned my tank about a week and a half ago, but usually that doesn’t affect him.

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The Bee Man and His Candle Company

Here’s a fun story about Brian Howell of the Bee Man Candle Company. Brian started making and selling candles at the young age 12 after working as a beekeeper’s apprentice during his summer vacation. Now he’s got his own candle company in New York State that will open its doors on October 12, and is among 100 finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards competition. How cool would it be for a handmade candle maker to win this award?

More information about Brian and his candle company.

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Apple ditched Google Maps over turn-by-turn navigation spat

By now everyone knows about the glaring flaws in Apple’s (AAPL) homemade maps application. The question, then, is why did Apple decide to launch its own maps app when it still had access to Google (GOOG) Maps for at least another year? Unnamed sources have told AllThingsD that Apple was royally ticked off that Google was holding back on implementing turn-by-turn navigation in the iOS version of …
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A Soap Recipe that Defies the Rules

So we all know that using more than 30% coconut oil in a recipe is going to be “drying” – and we all know that superfatting beyond 8 or 10% (if you’re really bold) is going to lead to DOS and soft soap.

But what if you did them both at the same time? Would they cancel each other out? Would the extra oil in the extra superfat cancel out the drying effect? Would the long lasting nature of coconut oil help prevent the spoilage?

As a matter of fact – YES!

Here is a recipe for a soap that uses 100% coconut oil, but at a 20% superfat. It is a hard, white bar of soap with a creamy, bubbly lather…and no, it is not “drying” at all.

100% Coconut Oil Soap with 20% Superfat

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Open Question: She posted this on facebook?

This is why she wrote on his wall: “Today has been an amazing day. It has consisted of going on a mountain adventure, a near death experience on a rope swing, making candles, being tricked into licking a lolly pop made of soap and watching amazing films. I have missed hanging with **** so much ♥”

What does that mean? He added her this summer but I noticed they were friends in 2007…
this is what she wrote two weeks ago by the way!

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Open Question: Wrongly accused of stealing.?

Please help my manager has wrongly accused me of stealing.
2 days ago my boss called me down to his office to talk to him, he said that the last time I worked in the building(which had been 2 weeks prior) that some product went missing.*note I am a cook at the Kitchener memorial auditorium. I asked what product had gone missing and he said it was kielbasa sausage, I tolled him that I did not take anything to which he replied they have a video of me leaving the kitchen with a white bag the the kielbasa was in. I said there must be a mistake because I only went into that kitchen twice to borrow some cleaning supplies for another kitchen inside the building, but he protested that I took it because I was in there for 6 minutes. Again I told him that I did not take the product and it must be someone else or it was cleaning supplies that looked similar to what he was talking about, but yet he still did not believe me and then said that I should come back tonight to see the video which I agreed to.
Now I have worked in the auditorium for 2 years and I have made a really good name for myself, ie. not being late, never calling in sick, coming in early,picking up all the extra shifts, and being reliable and trustworthy. After the meeting with my manager I went beck to the kitchen and immediately told my co-workers and supervisor about what had happened which had came to a shock to them because they know that I am not that kind of supervisor was later called down to talk about something different but when he came back up I asked him if they had talked about the accusation of stealing to which he replied ” no but it would have been a hell of a conversation”.
Now I do have my side of the story which is the bag that I took is only a bag of soap for a pump in the other kitchen, and the fact that the kitchen door was propped wide open for anybody to enter and rummage around.I still have my messages and the exact day I went in but only a estimated time that I was there.
Also later on after talking to my co-workers I found out that the kielbasa that had gone missing was my managers personal food item which he had put in the kitchen which puzzled me because he had no reason to put it there in the first place.

*NOTE last year partway through the season we had management changes and got a new manager and supervisor, and like all new managers they started to make a lot of bulls*it changes which I complied with no matter how stupid.

Please help me I need to know what to do!!!!!!!!!

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Making Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap Liquid soap is one of those soap varieties that people experiment with after they’ve mastered the basics of soap making. There are almost as many varieties, techniques and variations in liquid soap as there are for bar soap. If you love liquid soap, but have just never ventured into making it…or if you just want an exciting new technique to learn, give it a try!


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Open Question: I got make up in my eye and now its red under my eye! HELP!?

I was doing the “no mirror make up challenge” when I was done I was getting the make up of with warm water and soap. My eye started burning and I thought it was so so I just rinsed it with warm water. It stilled burned so I look in my eye and there was eyeliner bits IN my eye! I got it all out and now under my eye hurts! what should I do!? PLEASE HELP! I have a birthday party to go to and I hope its noting serious

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