Open Question: How to make stretchmarks stop growing and reproducing?

I’ve started getting stretchmarks on my stomach and they keep growing and multiplying. I’ve tried washing them everyday with a moisturizing soap since i lack Vitamin E oil. Also I haven’t gained any weight at all so I don’t know why I’m getting them and why it’s so bad.

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Pumpkin Soap Variation

Well…I must admit. I first published my recipe for pumpkin soap over 7 years ago. Since then, every year, I make at least two or three batches for my house and for friends.

But this year I decided to try something different. Instead of a swirled soap, it’s a layered soap with goat’s milk for added richness and cornmeal for a bit of natural exfoliation.

New Pumpkin Pie Soap Recipe

Pumpkin Soap Variation originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 22:09:41.

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Open Question: How to clean my carpet without a special machine or something?


I have read the baking soda can clean but how?
Anyhome ways? I had have my carpet for 7 years!!! I dont want to buy a machine. Like what do i do to clean it home reciepes.. Like theow baking soda and water and soap and make it foam and put the vacum over it or something lol. Mu carpets dark red but I want it brighter!! :))

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Open Question: why are movies 24 frames per second?

if movie makers are just going to add motion blur to a 24 fps movie to make it seem like it has more frames
would not it make more sense for movies to be displayed in 60 frames per second like soap operas?
on a 1080p blu-ray disk, i would at least like to see the words on a helicopter when it flies by like the way i see it in real life. The helicopter in a movie would in real life, say “us helicopter”, but in a movie, all i really get to see is something like “us hlcptr” instead because the motion blur prevents me from correctly deciphering the words on the screen.

for example, battlefield 3 on pc on max no motionblur and 75 frames per second (yes i have tried this) looks more visually and motionmorely (not a word) stunning then that batman dark knight movie that looks so choppy or that choppy avengers movie at 24 frames per second. (both good movies, but after playing a game that is 75 fps, so sossosososososososoososososososososososososososo chopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchopchoppy it seems terrible.

maybe i should just stick to video games.
movies look so terrible and choppy now it’s kind of funny

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Open Question: Do I wash my tattoo every day?

So I’ve heard 2 different instructions basically one person says wash a new tattoo up to 3Times a day with dial soap and then apply a&d mgmtmdmj and I’ve also heard washing it constantly will take out the ink and just to put the ointment on it I wanna make sure I’m taking proper care of it so which is true please help

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Open Question: Funny U.K Soap happenings! Anyone notice these? :P?

Hi there.

Firstly, how many “accidents” happen to one street, one village or one square??? Realistically… If the area you lived in had these dire happenings in them, would you continue to live there? Really? Lol. How many people were supposed to be living in Eileen Grimshaw’s house at one point (Corrie)? Was it not like Jason, Shawn, Marcus, Paul, Lesley and of course Eileen herself? And they have a 2 up and 2 down property? I guess the same goes with Queen Vic (EastEnders). I think there was about 50,000 of the “Mitchell” clan within that Public House they called their abode.

Oh and we are supposed to believe that nobody owns a washing machine in Albert Square? And Lola and Lexi… We all KNOW she’d qualify for Income Support as she is now 16 yet there seems to be no mention of this.. She’d rather go and steal or mooch off of Billy yet him working would have no effect on her Benefit.

Everyone seems to be on about £30 P/Hr Min/Wage as people are always tipping their £3 glass of wine on their nemesis or purchasing a pint and then seeing someone they’d rather not talk to and they make their excuses and leave the pub – pint gets left. Lol. What else? No litter anywhere – yeah because THAT is actuality, don’t you think??? LMAO!

And maybe 1 or 2 people in the street smokes and I don’t think anyone smokes right now in Emmerdale. Which is an accurate projection of average human life…?!?!? Don’t make me laugh! :P Nobody farts, burps or swears and very realistic equivalent words are said in replace of others… Like “flipping hell” – Yeah coz I’m sure that realistically, NOBODY says the *real* “F” word! Ok, We’ll go with that! ;)

Chesney brings home about £30 a week and his GF stays at home with baby. Again, Benefit wise, his GF could claim Income Support and Ches would STILL be able to bring home his pittance. But I guess NO young Mum’s would be on Benefits would they? And what are her Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits for Joseph going on? The smell of poop me thinks! ^_^

Also branded food stuffs and beverages are shown.. BUT!… They are turned around so they think we can’t see the logo and thus what it is. I can tell what a can of Coke looks like from behind. Being RED is a shocker too!!! :O – So: Fail! Hmmm..

How does Kev get so much business at his garage? And do we actually know it’s name (the business) or is it simply called: “The Garage” (very creative I see!)?? Would you let Gloria ANYWHERE near your bar? :P

Has Deirdre Barlow been eating gravel to get that low manly tone in her voice since the dawn of time and why only in the last 10 yrs has she: “Should have gone to SpecSavers” (Ha ha!)

…Ok I’m done now.
Anyone else think of any more? :D


Lin. x

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Open Question: Burning after intercourse?

Okay here is my story : I have been with the same man for almost 3 years now. We have both been checked for STIs all results come back negative. I am on the pill, no soap changes , etc. We make sure to use lubricant such as spit because I can’t use any lubricants as they cause me to get yeast infections. Anyways I had a bout with UTIs, yeast infection and both of those turned into bacterial infections because the doctors took so long to treat me. I do not have a yeast infection, no discharge,no fishy smell. My vagina does sometimes smells like mashed potatoes though ? It’s almost like when we have sex Ni matter how much lube we use its like you are forcing something into me so we stop and give up. This is very frustrating for my husband and myself. We did have intercourse successfully last night, but afterwards my vagina was burning, my uretha burnt and itched as well. No pain during urination though. And in the morning I was perfectly fine. We stopped having sex because of this about a month ago. Any ideas on what could be causing this ? My vagina is sometimes itchy during the day but once again no discharge or fishy smell. My Dr. Gave me some pills that are like the AZO UTI pills you get over the counter that turban your urine red/orange to kind of numb everything down there and she said to just take them before sex. But.I feel like this is just covering up the issue instead of fixing the problem.

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