Open Question: Is my dad a jerk he does this all the time?

Is my dad a manipulative sociopath?
Here is my problem Among many other similar examples that would take to long to describe. Today my dad asked me to go to the store and buy some laundry soap and get something for dinner. I was overdrawn in my bank account by 5.00 dollars and didn’t really know it. He gave me 25.00 check I wrote another check which I do from time to time for food for us for another 25.00 to make it 45.00. I bought 45.00 dollars worth of food forgot the soap told him about it and he was pissed. I said I would go get the soap honest mistake? He plays on my guilt called me worthless,untrustworthy and other names and says Im the problem in his life etc.. I feel this manipulative were going full on shopping tomorrow so in essence we would just spend 20.00 dollars less tomorrow. I’m always just trying to help us out he is paying for it but I go shopping as the chore. I bought dinner food and some breakfast food he was of course good for it an in reality there was no issue?

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Along with the Christmas Decorations, Come the Christmas Books

Christmas at the Candle FactoryThe Christmas decorations got pulled down from the attic today…and along with them, our family copy of Barbara John’s Christmas at the Candle Factory. A sequel to “The Cat in the Candle Factory” this holiday-and-candle-themed book is a family favorite and tradition at our house. Last year, my son did his school book report project on it…diorama and everything!

It’s a lovely book about a real live cat in a real live candle factory, with a wonderful subtle lesson for kids who might have to struggle to get along with their younger siblings. And anyone who has ever busily made candles for craft fairs or as gifts will certainly relate to the story as well, and also relate (like I certainly can) to the trouble that little ones (feline or human) can cause in the candle shop!

As you are rushing to make your holiday candles and soaps, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this book…or some other book…that will remind you of how much you truly love your craft…and how it brings delight into so many other peoples’ lives!

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Double Butter Luxury Soap Recipe

double butter soapIt’s just a month away from Christmas, so I’ve been busy making soap to be ready for Christmas gifts. I’ve really been in love with my recent batch of 100% coconut oil soap, but I wanted to make a batch of soap that would be – and would be perceived as – real “luxury” soap. Many people equate “luxury” with oils like shea butter and cocoa butter, so I created this recipe, called Double Butter, that uses 25% butters in the recipe. It’s otherwise a pretty straightforward recipe. I did this batch with an “in the pot” swirl. It is certain to delight your friends and family – but be sure to save a bar for yourself!

Double Butter Soap Recipe with cocoa and shea butters

Double Butter Luxury Soap Recipe originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Sunday, November 25th, 2012 at 16:20:05.

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Holiday Season is Gift Giving Season. Homemade Gifts and Gifts Kids Can Make is the Latest Buzz on Kids Activities Blog

Holiday Season is gift giving season. Moms are blogging in numbers about homemade gifts and gifts kids can make on Kids Activities Blog.Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) November 25, 2012 Holiday Season is Gift Giving Season. Moms are blogging in numbers about their favorite homemade gifts and gifts kids can make. Making homemade gifts creates memorable keepsakes for family and friends that will be …
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Resolved Question: Diagnosis? Chicken pox? Please help?

Well this is the situation I’m trying to find out what exactly I have going on right now with my body. Ever since last night (day before thanksgiving) I went out with my friends and I went to a bonfire for a couple of hours and burned all of the above (furniture ect.) then I jumped on a old trampoline for a little and whenever I got home I noticed before I went to bed, a couple red dots on the right side of my eyebrow. And I thought I was just pimples or something. And I woke up the next morning with dots all over my head and body.. I’m wondering if its an allergic reaction to something burning in fire or and old trampoline? Keep in mind I’m not that itchy and I have no fever or the dots don’t have any blisters on them it’s just scattered everywhere. If you help it would be greatly appreciated 10 points to whoever helps the most.. I’ve been researching all day since I can’t go to the walk in since its thanksgiving.

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Open Question: I had a date tonight and he kept kissing me and touching me…made me so uncomfortable! I’m FREAKING OUT!?

So I’m 19 and in college. I have known this guy for about a year and a half but we never dated, he goes to a college 3 hours away. We had gone on 1 date a year ago: to a movie and we just cuddled and held hands and hugged and everything was fine. Then he was home for break and he came over the house for a movie. My mom was here but after the movie started, she went upstairs. I was really nervous and shaking and sweating so to get me to stop being nervous, he started kissing mine (which was fine) but it was my first kiss and he knew that and he kept on kissing and kissing and kissing. Like he broke away from the kiss and then waited a minute and then started it again. And he started touching me feeling my chest area and right at the lining of my shorts. It made me really uncomfortable! Then he started to go under my shirt and I moved his hand and told him no! So he didn’t try that again but still why keep kissing over and over? It’s my first kiss!!!! I only wanted 1, maybe 2. But NOT THAT! I excused myself and told my mom and she had us play a board game and then she talked to him about school and stuff like that. He’s gone now but I am FREAKING OUT!! I am TERRIFIED that I am going to get herpes or mono (mostly herpes). We DID NOT french kiss. He tried, he kept putting his tongue against my lips but I wouldn’t open and let him in. But still you can get herpes just from regular kissing! And it says online, “About 90 percent of adults worldwide — even those who’ve never had symptoms of an infection — test positive for evidence of the virus that causes cold sores.” It also says medical conditions and treatments that increase your risk of complications include and lists Eczema which I have! I took a shower and scrubbed everywhere (I had on long-sleeve shirt and short shorts). The short shorts not a good idea. I also took soap and water and scrubbed my lips but I am VERY scared I’m going to get herpes. He’s insecure about his appearance and kinda awkward so I honestly don’t see him having been with a lot of girls but still I’m terrified! Plus I have anxiety which makes it worse! HELP! :(

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Couples Counseling for DIYers…or…?

Couple Arguing
Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

So…the other day, I got an email asking me if I wanted to write a review of a new book called “DIY Couples Counseling.” I thought to myself…”Well, that’s a fun idea for a book! I know of more than a few crafters/DIY folks (myself included) who have experienced tension in their relationships due to soap and/or candle making!

But alas…it was a book on how to “do-it-yourself” couples counseling…not DIY specific. (sigh)

But…I still thought I’d ask…has your candle or soap making ever caused tension in your relationships? If so…how did you handle it/work through it?

We’ve started a conversation about this over on the About Soap and Candle Making Facebook Page. Join us over there…and be sure to “Like” the page if you haven’t already!

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