Open Question: My kitten is limping slightly?

I got a 4 week old kitten 4 days ago and she had problems burying her poop, therefore stepping in it. In order to get the dried poop and litter off her paws and leg i set her in water to let it soak and rubbed it with a wah cloth and dish soap. The next day it looked like she had a slight limp on her back leg and seems like she may have a little trouble standing up on it. But i dont know if i caused her pain by washing her paws or if she hurt hersel because she is extremely energetic and playful.

I know she is young to be away from her mom but her mom died, and i also know that i need to take her to a vet. Im making an appointment im just wondering what i should do in the mean time to comfort her and i want to know if shes just sore of if it could be more serious

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