Stinky Summer Dog + Your Homemade Soap = Fresh Pup!

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It’s summer…and the combination of shedding and being out in the heat has made our Daisy dog not quite as fresh smelling as she usually is.  The last time we took her to the groomers for a bath, it was over $ 30! So I’ll be putting Daisy in the bathtub and giving her a bath myself. While not nearly as potent as modern chemical flea treatments (and many people think that’s not such a bad thing!) a good blend of essential oils in an oil-fortified soap can be just the ticket to get your dog fresh and clean and repel the fleas…and a little bit of extra castor oil and shea butter will make your dog’s skin and coat extra sleek.

Dog soap recipes

Note: these recipes are NOT for use on cats! Cats have different ways/inabilities of eliminating essential oils from their systems – so essential oils can be toxic to them!

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