Making Soap with Cow’s Milk Butter

I am always one for a soap making adventure!

I recently got to read through The Natural Soapmaking Handbook and the companion recipe book, “The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook.” One of the oils that they mention and feature in several recipes is butterfat from cow’s milk. Yep…the stuff you have in your refrigerator. I had always heard that butter in soap smelled really bad – like bad parmesan cheese or vomit. (It’s due to the butyric acid in them.) But I decided to try it anyway! The jury is still out on the smell – it may just be my imagination – or it may really have a slight icky smell. I’ll report back after it’s had some more time to cure.

Making soap with cow’s milk butterfat…

Making Soap with Cow’s Milk Butter originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Sunday, August 25th, 2013 at 21:55:56.

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