Where Do Essential Oils Come From?

distillation of essential oils
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I’m doing some cleaning and organizing in my essential oil closet. I find myself sniffing every bottle and just reveling in how lucious all of these scents are! I’ve stated many times how much awe and appreciation I have for essential oils. They are amazing and powerful natural elements! We may know that they come directly from the plant’s “essence” – but how do they get extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems, roots or other parts of the plants? Here’s more information about water and steam distillation of essential oils.

“When we peel an orange, walk through a rose garden, or rub a sprig of lavender between our fingers…what exactly is it that we can smell? Generally speaking, it is essential oils that give spices and herbs their specific scent and flavour, flowers and fruit their perfume.” – Julia Lawless inThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils

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