Oatmeal & Goat’s Milk Soap Recipe

oatmeal and goat's milk soap So in a “what’s in my shower this week” report – I got out one of the last remaining bars of this batch of oatmeal/goat’s milk soap. After unmolding, it continued to turn an even deeper brown due to the vanilla-containing fragrance oil. The oatmeal gives a wonderful light scrub. Much gentler than other natural exfoliants. This week, I’m getting back into the soap kitchen with two “food-inspired” batches – one cold process and the other melt and pour. Stay tuned!

Oatmeal & Goat’s Milk Soap Recipe

Oatmeal & Goat’s Milk Soap Recipe originally appeared on About.com Candle & Soap Making on Friday, April 18th, 2014 at 10:00:45.

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