Orange Creamsicle-Inspired Soap – Please Don’t Eat it!

I remember the sweet, tangy and creamy mix of orange and vanilla Popsicles when I was a kid. As I was thinking about summertime soap projects, I imagined a melt and pour soap inspired by those treats. It has a white “ice cream” core – surrounded by a sweet orange layer that I created an essential oil blend of orange, benzoin and litsea for. It smells just like a creamsicle…and makes me smile every morning in the shower!

Orange Creamsicle Melt and Pour Soap Project

Orange Creamsicle-Inspired Soap – Please Don’t Eat it! originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Monday, April 21st, 2014 at 19:42:40.

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Don’t Wait for Spring – Organize Now

Craft Room Needs Some HelpI tend to have the best results when I organize a bit at a time. For example, putting all of my soap making oils, or wick assortments away in their proper place as soon as I’m done doing a project – instead of just sitting them in a box or corner for putting away “later.” If you’re anything like me, “later” never comes…and you just keep getting more and more cluttered. I think we all get overwhelmed by clutter some times. Here is a collection of articles to help you get more organized, organize your craft rooms, and stay more on track with your supplies and ingredients.

Organize Your Craft Room and Soap/Candle Making Supplies

Don’t Wait for Spring – Organize Now originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 22:08:10.

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Open Question: Fleas! How do I make sure I don’t take them with me when I move?

So here’s my situation: My roommates and I have been living in the same apartment for almost two years now. The first year, I kept getting bitten by something, although I could never figure out what it was. Finally, one night around 4 am, I got up to use the restroom and I felt a pinch on my leg. I looked down only to discover two fleas on my leg. I went into my room and pulled back my sheets and found multiple more IN MY BED. It was seriously gross.

I should mention that we’re not “that” kind of people. We keep our things clean, we don’t have any pets, and we don’t walk through the grass in our complex.

Once we discovered that we had fleas, we were seeing them everywhere, but mainly in the hall bathroom (where I first found them). We had renewed our lease only a couple of weeks prior to finding them. We spent our ENTIRE summer fighting them. I’m not exaggerating– we put tons of time, effort and money into killing the bastards. I’m sure anyone who has experienced this kind of thing knows how much work it is, and they are essentially impossible to kill.

We washed all bedding and everything that could be washed, essentially. We tried Raid. We tried bombing (several times). We had the pest control guy that works for our complex come and spray (several times). We tried Ortho home defense spray, and have gone through multiple tubs of Enforcer Flea Spray For Homes. We vacuumed every day, twice a day (we had to go out and purchase a vacuum with a bag) and threw all the bags away in our complex dumpster after every vacuum. We tried “flea traps” of dish soap and water in a bowl with a lamp over it. We tried Borax powder. We tried table salt. We tried Diatomaceous Earth powder. These were messy and terrible for me as an asthmatic. We literally tried everything we could think of/ find online and nothing seemed to kill them except when winter rolled around. We took this opportunity to continue to vacuum and sweep and spray Enforcer, hoping that we wouldn’t ever have to deal with them again.

Alas, our efforts over the winter were in vain. The fleas are back, only this time we found them just before we were going to renew for the second time. We have decided to move far away from this flea palace, and settled on a new place in a new area today. I realize this is a long post, but I wanted to give the full back story before getting to my point: since we are going to be moving (and taking our furniture from this place to our new place), does ANYONE have any advice at all regarding some procedures to take to avoid bringing these unwanted roommates with us to our new place? I am allergic to the bites, and cannot afford to keep buying home spray/ going to the dermatologist/ purchasing medicines. I would seriously appreciate any input from anyone who has gone through this/ knows someone that has. Right now our plan is just to wash whatever can be washed, vacuum whatever can be vacuumed, clean whatever can be cleaned, throw away whatever can be thrown away, and hope for the best.

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