Open Question: How to fix my line up (hair)?

Ok so I got my hair cut and got lined up at the mall on Wednesday and now it’s Sunday and I need to cut the hair again from the sides and the. Line if I don’t it will look ugly and when I do it I mess up I make it bigger not the same shorter longer etc so how can I do it better or were should I go or way should I buy to do it with. I use to do it only with a razor and soap but I don’t want to mess it up please help

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Open Question: my dogs hair makes me itchy?

so for the past 6 months or so i have been breaking out with itchy bumps and sometimes hives on my inner thighs when i sit on something that has dog hair on it. i have never had a problem before and i had the same problem a couple months ago but so i switched laundry soap and the problem went away except, when my bare skin on my thighs touches dog hair. if i shower right away it stops itching so i am pretty sure i am allergic to my dogs :*( i use itch cream that seems to help and i wash the dogs pretty often but then to still end up with fleas. does anyone have any suggestions????

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Open Question: some hair advise/ questions.. micro loop.?

i ordered some micro loop hair extensions and i had some questions. ive looked around n i haven’t found the answers to them so ill ask here.

anyways, i have thin puffy hair. my hair is pretty short its about 5ins maybe and my extensions are 22ins. i will be getting a hair cut after to make them blend since my hair is so short.

–i know how to do this kinda n all n i know i need the perimeter/ space around my head so they don’t show but i was thinking of doing the very bottom of my hair i believe its called the nape? idk but im thinking of doing my first row their all the way across then doing the brick work over the rest since my hair is thin n i was thinking of doing it like this so my little hairs don’t poke out n i get to keep a little bit more of the 22inches in(:

Q: do you think what i just kinda explained would work? i don’t put my hair up very often so you wont see it n i don’t care if they show really. well i do cuz im neat n all but i don’t care about the row on the nape/first row cuz everything else around the head will have its space n stuff.

–i heard you cant use a soap n conditioner with something in it or they’ll slip idk what it is.
Q: what is it? and what are some brands that i can use?

- i guess i need more reassurance in this..
Q:how do i take care of them since their in my hair n all?

- …
Q: how far can i put em? i want a full head but i also still want to be able to tease my hair a little.

i think that’s all. i had a bunch of questions but i 4got..

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Open Question: tricks to getting rid of greasy hair?

Normally my hair is perfect- as in not extremely dry and not greasy, but these last two weeks my hair as gotten horrible build up/dandruff and now it is starting to become greasy underneath and shampoo is not cleaning it. I have tried Castile soap which seems to work but it makes my hair very dry and stiff, and baking soda which makes it really dry but doesn’t really clean it…any ideas on a good shampoo, washing techniques or other ingredients to get my hair clean?

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Open Question: Is tresemme safe for you hair? Or any natural shampoo recommendations?

I know that a lot of things these days have harmful chemicals and you really have to pay attention to what you’re using, so i really want to find a safe shampoo. i’d like to think that the most common brands are the best since so many people use them, but i just still don’t know. and you can’t trust all the claims they make either because there are ways to go around them.
i currently use is the TRESemme clean & natural shampoo. is there anything bad in that? what are the chemicals i should look out for in the ingredients? also, are there any TRULY safe and natural shampoos i can easily find at wholefoods or something? lol i seriously wish i could just make my own shampoo, soaps, and everything because this is just ridiculous….


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