Open Question: feminine health: what is wrong with me?

Ok this is something that has been on my mind for a loooong time. And it is a very touchy subject so please keep my feelings in mind when commenting. It all started a while ago when my sex drive went down tremendously. Like, I was never ever in the mood. I had to basically make myself for the sake of my fiance because I felt bad for not satisfying his needs. And then I started having a very strong smell from my vagina. My discharge changes from being thick and white and then a yellowy color.
Nothing has really changed for over a year, but a few months ago, I realized that when I would wash myself, it always felt like the inside of my vagina is a lot farther down than it should be. Like, my G-spot or that spongy material (whatever it is called) is really close to my opening if I kind of push (like I am trying to pee or something). It made me wonder if I was having vaginal prolapse. But the thing is, I looked at the symptoms for it and I am not having any pains or any uncomfortable feeling like it said. And I am 21, I feel like that is kind of young.
Also, I feel like I should mention that before all of this happened, my fiance and I took a break and both had other sexual partners. When we got back together was when this started happening. After this problem started becoming more noticeable, I asked him if he thought we should get checked for an STD or something since we had other sexual partners before. He said that he had recently while he was getting his checkup for the Army and nothing came up. So I figured since he didn’t have anything then I didn’t because we had been together several times since then.
So here is what I know. I may or may not have an STD, because I asked my fiance to get another test done by a normal doctor so I can see the results myself, but he hasn’t. And I feel like I just need to get myself checked anyway just to make sure. So I want to get checked.
I also know that I do not have any discomforts, but the inside of my vagina is unusually low (I feel like, I am not sure though since I haven’t seen others to judge o.0) and my discharge has a foul smell so bad, that even after I scrub myself til I am squeaky clean, I can still smell it. I cannot enjoy sex, my fiance tries to be nice but I know he is bothered by it too. It has ruined our sex life. I have tried soo many different kinds of soaps, thinking maybe I had an allergy to a certain kind. I have used douches, and nothing works. So my last resort is going to a doctor.
My question is, do any of you know what these could be symptoms of? And what kind of doctor should I go to, that can figure out what this is and also check me for STDs? A gynecologist I am guessing? PLEASE HELP ME.

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Open Question: DESPERATE FOR ANSWERS- Vaginal health?

I am 25 years old and experiencing a very scary issue with my lady parts- before anyone can lecture me on getting an appointment with a professional,- that is already in the works.

The other day I cut myself while shaving the down there hairs, just slightly. A few days later in the same spot I had developed a pea sized growth, painful to touch and with a white head. I panicked at first but knowing well that it could be many different things such as cysts, ingrown hair, infected cut, or at worse herpes, I didn’t allow myself to totally freak out. Two days later the growth popped all on it’s own. Bright green mucus came out at first and then blood and a white oil or puss. I used antibacterial soap to clean it and poured peroxide on it. I also put a small band-aid over it so that any more blood or puss would drip down to the rest of my vagina. (that was yesterday)
Today the growth has gone down half in sized and is not painful to touch. Although I still feel a slight throbbing in the bump, it is not enough to call painful. Tonight I decided to take a peek with a mirror to make sure no more bumps had appeared. — I was HORRIFIED to discover a totally different issue.
Right at the opening of the vagina (the hymen i believe) is a lot of skin growth. Light pink in color and completely taking over what should be the entry into the Vagina. Its hart to describe and I apologise for being disgusting but it looks like my insides are falling out. This particular issue has no pain or sensitivity, just growth.

I cant find a single STD that looks like what I have and no other descriptions that are consistent or even remotely like mine.

DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE???… with a doctors appointment financially out of reach for another week or so the anxiety is is KILLING ME! I cannot stop crying and feeling like a disgusting mess.
I looked up uterine prolapse and my issue looks nothing like that either, but thank you for the insight. The uterine prolapse looks painful! But what I have going on looks almost like dangled skin, again I apologize for being graphic, but it looks like the flappy skin on a turkey’s beak… only a whiteish pink

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