15 Smart DIY Holiday Gift Ideas From Pinterest

Pinterest A thoughtful gift you made yourself says even more than a high price tag.  Pinterest is a major destination for crafty people looking for inspiration. We prowled Pinterest to find some of the best DIY treasures that you can gift your loved ones this holiday season.  With these homemade gifts, you could even avoid the mall altogether. Make your favorite photographer a more stylish …
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Last Minute Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas and a Laundry List of Over 100 Gifts Kids can Make has Been Released on Kids …

Last minute homemade Christmas gift ideas and a laundry list of over 100 gifts kids can make has been released on Kids Activities Blog. Homemade gifts make treasured keepsakes for years to come.Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 23, 2012 Need a last minute Christmas gift for relatives? Kids Activities Blog released last minute homemade Christmas gift ideas that make treasured keepsakes for years to …
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Open Question: I have a problem and need some ideas!?

I am having a burning sensation near my vaginal opening for the past few days. No discharge, no odor, slight itching (barley even noticeable). Soap makes the burning worse (even though I use an unscented, no dyes, no fragrance soap.) I have been using Monistat 3 for the past two night to no relief. I know this is not a UTI (I have had many of those in the past.) I called and am waiting to speak to a nurse right now but in the mean time, I just want some ideas as to what this could be? Is it a yeast infection? Is it BV? I do not have STDs (am married and know my husband doesn’t sleep around, nor do I) Help!

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Open Question: Ideas for Dada studio piece ?

Idea for Dada studio art piece..?
So for art class, we need to create a photomontage that questions something in our society. My idea was to depict our politics as a monopoly game and have Mr.Monopoly be the portrait of King George IIIV holding up a Walmart logo. The logo itself would serve to relfect how spectators are the “smiley faces” of our coroporate state that high-jacked our government. He would also represent that these spectators would have been hung in the 17th century but today run our government. But the key concept is to illustrate how we are dragged into supporting things that are not in our interest, and branded products spun out from the manipulative world of corporate advertising. So, I thought maybe I could have the various options like paying for the arcade on the Monopoly board, as different brands of products like hand soap. This would show how a brand fools passive consumers that it is a new experience.

I’m not sure if that idea is Dada art though, and if it isn’t, what are some other suggestions for this Monopoly game?

Also, I want to somehow make a photomontage that would depict that we arre the root cause of the problem, because if we were clearheaded enough to see through the fact that our need for manipulation is what made us viewed as objects like consumer products.

So, that’s when I came up with the idea that I could have consumers depicted as commoditized objects, ex. a standing jacket holder sweeping the floor for minimum wage…and little houses scattered throughtout a certain region with money burnt beside them…then incorporate a gun in between to represent class warfare and how it’s easier to find war than a job. In fact, I could even have King George IIV drink a bottle of oil to show our thirst for cheap oil.

Perhaps even have parrots on strings (as political parties) held by titans (corporations, like NAFTA),to show how corporations control our politics…and politicans are like parrots because they reinforce propaganda, because citizens basically vote for no action….

But overall, the Monopoly game will show how subtle things can manipulate how people think since propagandaists use our basic emotions of pride and vanity to put ideas into our heads….and we will do anything to destroy those around us to make money.

**Are my ideas valid for a Dada studio art piece? … And if not, how can I use the foundations of these ideas to create a simplisitc photomontage?
**How can I strengthen my Monopoly idea?
**What are some other ideas besides politics that I could do?

(I’ll appreciate any ideas :] )

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