Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Printable Recipe Card Makes Perfect Homemade Gifts For Family and Friends …

Delicious Chocolate Chip cookie recipe with printable recipe card makes perfect homemade gifts for family and friends, according to Moms blogging on Kids Activities Blog. The cookie recipe idea as well as a laundry list of homemade gift ideas is featured during the month of December on Kids Activities Blog.Dallas, TX (PRWEB) December 09, 2012 Still thinking about homemade gifts for family …
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Open Question: my dogs hair makes me itchy?

so for the past 6 months or so i have been breaking out with itchy bumps and sometimes hives on my inner thighs when i sit on something that has dog hair on it. i have never had a problem before and i had the same problem a couple months ago but so i switched laundry soap and the problem went away except, when my bare skin on my thighs touches dog hair. if i shower right away it stops itching so i am pretty sure i am allergic to my dogs :*( i use itch cream that seems to help and i wash the dogs pretty often but then to still end up with fleas. does anyone have any suggestions????

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Open Question: What makes everything go forward in time as opposed to some things going backward as others forward?

Does the second law of thermodynamics really deny this? I don’t see why. I understand that entropy makes time go forward. But when things move in space, you would have to imply they move in time as well. It should seem valid then, that half of the mass in the universe would be moving backwards in time.

i.e. one whole planet going entirely backwards in time from our point of view?
as in eggs being unfried, babies going back into moms, dead bodies rising from the dead, words coming out of erasers, light bulbs sucking light out of eyes, broken glass assembling itself up off the floor, soap making things dirty again, children going to school to unlearn, etc.

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