The most expensive properties in 11 special edition Monopoly games

The board spaces on the original Monopoly game were based on locations in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Through the game, the hoity-toitiest spots for property development in there, Boardwalk and Park Place, came to symbolize the uppermost reaches of real estate value. Since Parker Brothers (and later, Hasbro) began licensing the game for alternate versions, there have been hundreds of Monopoly …
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Open Question: Test Yourself! What Celebrity are you most like!?

Which celebrity are you most like?

1.What is your favourite colour?
a. Green-Go to question 2
b. Blue- Go to question 3
c. Yellow- Go to question 4
d. Other- Go to question 5

What do you consider the most annoying advert?
a.Go Compare- Go to question 3
b. Vistaprint (make the right impression)- Go to question 4
c. Asda- Go to question 5
d. Other- Go to question 6

3. What is your favourite vegetable?
a. Peas- Go to question 4
b. Carrots- Go to question 5
c. Brussels- Go to question 6
d. Other- Go to question 7

4. You fall over a banana skin infront of your crush, you…?
a. Laugh
b. Cry
c. Go bright red
d. Other

5. What is your favourite brand of shampoo?
a. Dove- Go to question 6
b. Treseme- Go to question 7
c. Head and shoulders – Go to question 8
d. Other- Go to question 9

6. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
a. 1 – Go to question 7
b. 2 – Go to question 8
c. 3 – Go to Question 9
d. Other- Go to question 10

7. What is your favourite TV sitcom?
a. Miranda- Go to question 8
b. The IT Crowd- Go to question 9
c. Outnumbered- Go to question 10
d Other- Go to question 8

8. What is your favourite TV soap?
a. Eastenders- Go to question 9
b. Emerdale- Go to question 10
c. Corronation Street- Go to question 9
d. Other- Go to question 10

9.Which of these names makes you laugh the most?
a. Peter File- Letter A
b. Benedict Cumberpatch- Letter B
c. Willy Dickson- Letter F
d. Other- Letter D

10. Which is your favourite beer?
a. Strongbow- Letter C
b. Carlsburg- Letter H
c. Guinuss- Letter G
d. Other- Letter E

A. Selena Gomez
B. Borris Johnson
C Justin Beiber
D. Cheryl Cole
E. Johnny Depp
F. Keira Knightley
G. Miranda Heart
H. David Beckham

BTW Sorry about me and my bad spelling!

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Open Question: What can I do this summer to get rid of ALL(or most) of my pimples?

Right now I use loreal face cleanser (green) every night and apply a special cream. That’s EVERY night

On Sunday I just wash my face with complexion soap. And use a different type of cleanser.

I’m a guy, if it makes ANY difference, oily skin, and I black( light skin)
And my dermatologist told me to use the cream after I use the cleanser.

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