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Open Question: Can a depressed person make Medical decisions?

am dying to know this: I have been diagnosed with depression and am on medication an 17 and 18 next month. So if after my 18th birthday i was in hospital and i refused treatment which is important and the doctors know i suffer from depression will they take my right to make a decision by myself as an 18 year old adult or because i have depression will my parents have to decide for me will the doctors see me as incapable of making a decision. Am suppose to go see my GP every month since am on meds but i never go cuz i cant be bothered will the docs know this. And my parents don’t know i have depression and please anybody don’t say i should tel them cuz i WONT. My family has turned into a soap opera

* Am nt intending on harming myself i am not inviting death to come knocking on my door any time soon am JUST curious

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Open Question: My uretha hurts…what could it be?

first off, some helpful info:

-i’m a 16 year old female.

-my last period was february 16-19.

-i am sexually active with my longterm boyfriend. we lost our virginities to each other and neither one of us have an std of any kind.

-i was fingered on the last day of my period (feb. 19)

-i told the doctor i was not sexually active out of fear of my mom finding out.

-i’ve been drinking cranberry juice.


3 nights ago, (feb. 20) i felt like i had to pee. so i went pee, of course. but it burned coming out and i still had a desperate feeling of having to pee even after i just peed. thinking i might have a urinary tract infection, i asked my mom to make an appointment at the doctors. they had me pee in a cup and they did tests and i showed no sign of infection.

the next day (feb. 21) it hurt even more than before. i had to pee more times than i usually do in a day. and it only hurt when the pee first started coming out and it started to ease as it was flowing, then hurt again when the pee was stopping. so i went back to the doctors and did another urine test. still no sign of any infection. the doctor said that it was possible it could just be irritation from soap or even because my period just ended. but this pain has never happened before.

now today, (feb. 23) it hurts even more than the past 2 days. it just burrns like helll and when i wipe, i see a very very light brownish-very light reddish color. it is not feces.

i’m just kind of worried and frustrated because the doctors say it’s not a uti…then what the heck could be wrong?!

could it be just an irritation because my boyfriend fingered me on the last day of my period? maybe the blood mixed with germs on his finger?

what should i do..?

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Open Question: pain in vagina area.?

Hi I’m 28 and for five days now my vagina area it’s tender the hole vagina area is tender. and always sore and hurts to wipe after I pee and sometimes not all the time but it burns when I pee. And when I wash with soap it burns so bad. The hole vagina area is sore don’t no Why. It’s not red or anything no bumps it only hurts when I wipe after a pee or wash it with soap the soap makes it burn like a have cuts down there or something but there no cuts I check my Hubby check also. There no rash no bumps no cuts no redness.

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Open Question: is it normal to falling in love with a fictional character ?

i am not korean and i am not watch any soap or any other korean drama except (jewel in the palace) dae jang geum because when i watched this movie it seems makes me lot of inspiration. after i watched whole episodes i always think about jang geum i can’t tell my feelings i am not falling in love with jang geum’s cast named lee young ae and real historical jang geum but i am falling in love with fictional character dae jang geum . it is sound stupid but it is happened to me .i feel that i am stupid

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Open Question: Invites to my Yahoo Group are not being recieved by ANYONE!?

I started a Yahoo group for students in my soap making classes, but every time I send out invitations to join the group, NONE of them are being recieved…and they are not going to junk mail! I cannot find a setting to change this, and have not had this problem with other yahoo groups I have started, so what do I do to fix this? Also, no one’s email addy shows in the “pending” area of membership, either. What is happening and how do I fix this?

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Open Question: soap making help have i done this right?

i have an idea i have done something wrong on my first attempt
i mixed the caustic soda/lye to the water
mixed the oils together
then mixed the caustic/lye with the oils
added the flavors i wanted
have now put in moulds
it’s been only 2 hours so i’m guessing too early to decide?
but i think i’ve done something wrong
as everything appears to be separating
what have i missed
this is my first attempt

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Open Question: Saponification number vs. Iodine Number?

Is there any relationship between saponification and iodine value? I already completed an iodine number on various fats and oils. Now I am going to make standard soap and my own version of soap and I wanted to relate it to the iodine value experiment. My organic laboratory professor says it is an interesting topic, but could there be any possible relationship? I have to write an SOP whether my lab fails or not, but I rather it goes well, my other option is doing a titre. Could I relate solidification to Iodine value?

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Open Question: What to get my aunt for 39th birthday?

I really don’t know what to get her. She likes purple, lavender candles,soap and lilac anything but I wanted to make her something and she loves when I bake. I don’t want to go all out with the baking her a real cake, I’m eleven, but maybe like a single cupcake with purple icing. Anyway any ideas would be pleasant and I’ll answer any questions you’ve asked in return. THaNK yOu!

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