Orange Creamsicle-Inspired Soap – Please Don’t Eat it!

I remember the sweet, tangy and creamy mix of orange and vanilla Popsicles when I was a kid. As I was thinking about summertime soap projects, I imagined a melt and pour soap inspired by those treats. It has a white “ice cream” core – surrounded by a sweet orange layer that I created an essential oil blend of orange, benzoin and litsea for. It smells just like a creamsicle…and makes me smile every morning in the shower!

Orange Creamsicle Melt and Pour Soap Project

Orange Creamsicle-Inspired Soap – Please Don’t Eat it! originally appeared on Candle & Soap Making on Monday, April 21st, 2014 at 19:42:40.

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Open Question: How do you get rid of snake mites?!? Please help!?

I have a ball python that has mites. I have cleaned his tank with bleach and warm water and i have thoroughly cleaned him. I soaked him in water w dawn dish soap and cleaned him like 3 times with the mite off spray. I did all of that early yesterday, and for the rest of the day him and his tank looked mite free, but I’ve just looked at his tank and i saw two mites on the bottom of the tan that i killed, and like three dead ones in his water bowl.

what do i do?!?!?! Please help me. I love my snake and it makes me so sad that he has mites..

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Open Question: can somebody please help me figure out what’s wrong with my face.. acne all of a sudden. please.?

i’m a girl, i’m 16. & i’ve always had pretty clear skin.. the occasional pimple here & there. but all of a sudden, i have acne on both sides of my face, my jawline, & my chest. it showed up on my face about 4 days ago, & it just burns so bad. it feels like if you ever burn your finger on a hot pan on accident.. it feels like that all the way up my face. & then last night, it showed up on my chest, & today on my jawline. it burns, but it also has this itchy feeling to it, but i refuse to touch it because i don’t wanna make it worse by irritating it more, or spreading bacteria. i usually do wear alot of makeup, but i’ve cut it out the past few days beause i thought maybe that was thee cause, but i’ve never used it on my chest? i use maybelline superstay 24 hour foundation & it never gave me a problem before, & i used it well over six months. i’ve also used the same soap for as long as i can remember. (olay age defying, the white bar.) & it never gave me a problem before. i didn’t even wash my face last night, i just let the water run on it but that made it burn even worse, & it was red everywhere after, but that settled down. they’re white bumps, some red, & in clusters. i’m just so worried & upset. & i don’t see how it could be hormonal changes when i went through puberty well over 5 years ago. (i know, too much information.) i just need to figure this out. please help me, please. thank you so much.

by the way, i already tried using honey on my face, didn’t work. i also tried coconut oil & that didn’t help.

new things i tried recently;

i tried using loreal sublime tanning lotion about a month ago. it has sparkles in it. but i haven’t used it in over a week.

i also tried macedemia shampoo, conditioner, & deep repair mask about a week ago, but took them back because i didn’t like them.

if it is something new i used, i will a hundred percent give that up. but why would this all show up a week or two afterwards?

i’m so worried it’s permanent.

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Resolved Question: Diagnosis? Chicken pox? Please help?

Well this is the situation I’m trying to find out what exactly I have going on right now with my body. Ever since last night (day before thanksgiving) I went out with my friends and I went to a bonfire for a couple of hours and burned all of the above (furniture ect.) then I jumped on a old trampoline for a little and whenever I got home I noticed before I went to bed, a couple red dots on the right side of my eyebrow. And I thought I was just pimples or something. And I woke up the next morning with dots all over my head and body.. I’m wondering if its an allergic reaction to something burning in fire or and old trampoline? Keep in mind I’m not that itchy and I have no fever or the dots don’t have any blisters on them it’s just scattered everywhere. If you help it would be greatly appreciated 10 points to whoever helps the most.. I’ve been researching all day since I can’t go to the walk in since its thanksgiving.

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Open Question: Pregnant? Please help!?

I usually get my periods towards the end of the month, so possibly these cramps, bloating, and soreness in my boobs are from that. I don’t usually get this pain, but two months ago, worrying about being pregnant from dry humping only caused the doctor to tell me I’m stressing and it’s emphasizing the pains. A week ago, my boyfriend was over. I made him wash his hand with anti bacterial soap and dry it before he could finger me. It was only or about 4 minutes. But these cramps that make me always check if I got my period is killing me.

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Open Question: Two qustions, please answer me the truth. please please please.?

i am from south india. i am 19 years old. i have black spots in my cheeks, pimples are there, it will come like small small pimples or a big pimple or it will be last for more than a week, and it make me black spots, i wash my face when i get up. then i guess i have oil skin. am i having oily skin? then doc said to use dove soap. i searched here, i can find that dove is not really good for oily skin. please tell me

1. what skin i have?

2. what soap should i use for my pimple and black spots.

thank you

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Open Question: I was in prison. It wasn’t as bad as I thought! Why all the myths about jail? Please read about my experience?

Ok, I just got off a 4 year sentence for resisiting arrest with violence and drunk and disorderly, and after serving 11 months (I guess i got released early) I have to say prison isnt all they make it out to be. Oh and I’m not even a huge guy, Im white, weigh 201 pounds, Im 5-11, and Im 29 years old.

I’d originally gotten arrested because I was at a college frat party and was very drunk and when the cops came I was rowdy and when they tried to arrest me I punched one of them in the face.

After I got sentenced for Drunk and Disorderly and Resisting Arrest with Violence (I got 1 Year), I was in county for about 2 weeks before heading to prison, and well county was nothing, just a few fights and some thieves nothing major.

Anyway, I arrived in prison afterwards, and I was stuffed in a cell with 2 other dudes for 23 hours a day. and although there was no AC or anything in there I didnt have too much trouble at first, my cellmates, were cool although kinda intimidating, but then I learned this was just the evaluation prison and I’d be sent elswhere afterwards.

Anyway, 10 days in, I was taking a shower and these black guys tried to rape me, they hit me a few times, and one of them put a sharpened tooth brush to my neck and said he would kill me if i didn’t get down on my knees and you know what and then bent over and you know what.

So at first I said yes and when he let his guard down I grabbed his hand, took the toothbrush/shank from him and first stabbed him in the neck and then stabbed him in the face a few times, he was gushing blood from his face and then I proceded to hit him a few times.

Well after that, I got taken to solitary and he got taken to the hospital where he almost died, but he lived. Anyway, 3 days later I got taken back to the county jail and got charged with Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature and Attempted Murder. Well in county I tried killing myself, because I thought I’d get a life sentence.

Anyway, I was in county for 18 months before I went to trial. The DA dropped the attempted murder charge and I just pleaded guilty to the assault charge and got sentenced to 2 years on top of the original sentence.

So I was back in prison. the evaluation prison again. I didnt have trouble those 30 days, and afterwards I got sent to a minimum security prison.

There, it was like a vacation, I just had to mop some floors there, do carpentry for the state, and go to AA meetings, not once did I see a fight there.

Heck I always imagined prison as a place where you’d fight drug lords and stuff, something like Sona prison from prison break season 4. but it wasn’t that bad at all.

So what’s the big deal, with the myths about jail and stuff and bubba jokes and soap jokes?

I mean is it just a myth or was I lucky? because I honestly thought at first I would get killed in there or have to get into gladiator like fights in the shower.

So what’s up? Was my experience just not common?

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Open Question: Will any of these products help my acne? Suggestions and Detailed answers please?

I have suffered from acne for about six years. I’m seventeen years old and have deep acne with deep scars. I have tried remedies such as Lemon juice applications,Oatmeal and Yogurt masks and they have made my skin soft and white heads desolve but there scars are still there and caused some inflammation. I had doctor perscribed treatments but those didn’t work and caused a lot of inflammation and made my skin peal badly to the point there is a dark scar under my lip. My acne state is pretty horrendous. Red sore bumps with soft lumped skin. I need details,advice and opinion on exactly how i can cure this occcurring problem. I don’t wear any foundation or Concealer only apply mascara to my eyebrows and occasional eyeliner. Just not really wear make up in general. I have oily skin so sun screens can clog my pores. I have heard a bit of suggestions on products to use. I used Proactive and it didn’t work. I used neutrogena it didn’t work. I used most of the Ambi products and it just softened my skin and cleaned the dead cells. Green tea and Black tea soaps to tighten and soften my skin giving it relief but, it hasn’t helped with my acne outbreak. Is heat over the face bad? I usually wrap myself in a blanket from head to toe basically in a cocoon haha. My mother says it’s bad since i have had a few heat bumps appear but it’s jut temporary and dissapear within a day or hours. Please check out these links and tell me in details how i can cure my acne. I decided to go more organic but this product isn’t exactly “Organic” but from one experience it has solved someone’s acne and from the description it seems effective.

PLEASE. Basically i just need to know any information. I eat somewhat unhealthy but do eat somewhat healthy. I just need to know what to consume to help improve my skin and what not to consume that is preventing it from healing. I really just need a solution. I want to model someday and with all this acne it’s a problem, i just want at least a near close poreless complexion. Please. Thank you for those who give me the advice. I take it to heart and i honesetly just need a solution for a six year problem i can’t resolve.

Tips and Ideas are welcome. (:

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Open Question: How do I make my eye feel better? (NO STUPID ANSWERS PLEASE)?

I had Dance Pictures last night, and I had SO much makeup on my eyes. So when I got home, my mom told me how to get it off. I used a rag, water, and soap. I didn’t necessarily know how to get it off, because I’ve never done it before. And I was scrubbing on my eye really hard because I thought I had to get it all off, like no makeup left. So I really really irritated my eye, its all red around it and it feels puffy on my top eye lid. How do I make it feel better? Or even go away? Please please help! It is really uncomfortable and ugly looking. It literally looks like I got socked in the face. A BUNCH of people asked me about it today at school, and they all said it looks like I got socked in the face. So is there any possible way I can make it heal faster? Or just go away overnight? Please Help! Thanks :)

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Open Question: navel piercing question please?

i’ve had my navel pierced for 3 months. i don’t think it’s healed yet because it ocassionally has some pus and is still sliightly red around the hole if i really look. is the quickest time for it to heal really 3-4 months? i’ve heard 4-12 and then 6-12.

i moved from twice a day to once a day with just antibacterial soap, but wondering if i should start doing salt soaks again too. will that make it heal faster?
i changed it to something from claire’s instead of like pagoda or something the other day. it doesn’t hurt or anything at all so i hope it doesn’t get irritated from it.

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