Open Question: Stretching my ears – Questions?

I’ve heard a lot about not using tapers as jewelry. I understand why, but after about 2 minutes of putting the taper through, the skin around it gets really tight. How do I get the plugs in if the skin is too tight?
Also, I have some other questions.

- What do I use to clean it? My body doesn’t like soap. The skin gets really dry and it ends up looking/getting infected. I like using peroxide. I’ve heard its not very good to use it, but that is all I have. I can’t get any more products because my dad won’t buy them.
- I’ve heard a lot about using acrylic material while stretching, but I can’t afford stainless steel. Where I get my supplies, its a lot more expensive.
- Do they make retainers for stretched ears? What do they look like?
- Whats a way to get the swelling to go down while it heals?
- Is there any way to get rid of the smell? Any types of lotion or anything?
- I have cocoa butter oil AND cocoa butter lotion. Which is better for things like this?
- How long you wait before taking it out to clean it thoroughly?
- What do I do to clean it if it gets infected?
- How long should I wait between each stretch? I’m at a 6g right now. I plan to go to a 2g. I’ve had this 6g in for a week, and its not sore anymore. I wanna stretch as fast as possible in case I have to get a job.

I think that is everything I need to know for now. Thanks.

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I got my septum pierced on monday, I’ve been doing sea salt soaks, and its still sore but not infected, js.
I have questions.

1. How long do I have to wait to flip it down? I have it up since monday bc my parents can’t find out.
2. if i change my septum to a 16g with the balls, when it heals will it fit better inside my nose?
3. is it normal for crusties to make your nose hurt, like the piercing hole?
4. My friend said to put on vaseline after I clean it but I haven’t b/c I heard its bad for you?
5. I’m at my dads house for the weekend and he has no sea salt only table salt, the only thing I have is this soap at the moment, and I was wondering if i can use it?
6. how long do I have to wait to have a fully healed septum?
7. what are the signs of infection?
8. supposedly, the healing process differs b/c age, well i’m 15 btw.
9. tips are gladly appreciated! (:
I have NO sea salt at the moment, just table salt. I have the dial soap ( link on top ) and I have this other soap called ‘Lever 2000 Fresh Aloe’

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Open Question: Back Acne Questions??? (not gross)?

Hey Friends! I’m 13, almost 14. but i have really bad acne on my shoulders and upper back. and a bit on my chest. and of course it looks bad, and of course i want it gone! i bought good soap but i also want to do something else. my sister said sitting in the sun and tanning will help. but i don’t like doing that, plus its raining all week, and school starts soon, so i was wondering if there are any home remedies, that i can do myself, that doesn’t take hours, kinda like a face mask for your back. something easy that any normal person can make at home, especially a 13 year old girl home alone for the day. thank you!!! please no harsh comments. love you! and THANK YOU!!! <3 :)

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Open Question: some hair advise/ questions.. micro loop.?

i ordered some micro loop hair extensions and i had some questions. ive looked around n i haven’t found the answers to them so ill ask here.

anyways, i have thin puffy hair. my hair is pretty short its about 5ins maybe and my extensions are 22ins. i will be getting a hair cut after to make them blend since my hair is so short.

–i know how to do this kinda n all n i know i need the perimeter/ space around my head so they don’t show but i was thinking of doing the very bottom of my hair i believe its called the nape? idk but im thinking of doing my first row their all the way across then doing the brick work over the rest since my hair is thin n i was thinking of doing it like this so my little hairs don’t poke out n i get to keep a little bit more of the 22inches in(:

Q: do you think what i just kinda explained would work? i don’t put my hair up very often so you wont see it n i don’t care if they show really. well i do cuz im neat n all but i don’t care about the row on the nape/first row cuz everything else around the head will have its space n stuff.

–i heard you cant use a soap n conditioner with something in it or they’ll slip idk what it is.
Q: what is it? and what are some brands that i can use?

- i guess i need more reassurance in this..
Q:how do i take care of them since their in my hair n all?

- …
Q: how far can i put em? i want a full head but i also still want to be able to tease my hair a little.

i think that’s all. i had a bunch of questions but i 4got..

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Open Question: Questions about a newly pierced bellybutton ring?

I went in to a professional yesterday to get my belly button pierced, and had a few questions about stuff he didnt really go over.
Can I lay out in the sun? My ring looks some sort of metal, and my mom said if it gets hot it could cook the inside of it where its pierced, is this true?
Is it safe to do ab workouts with it being newly pierced?
Is it okay if theres sweat around the area?
Should I stay out of chlorine, if so how long?
How long will it take to heal?
Can I take certain vitamins to make it heal faster?
How long should I wait to switch the ring? The guy who did it said I should wait 2-3 months, is he right?
Should I keep soap off it when in the shower?
Should I try to move it a little like you do with earrings?
The guy said no tanning beds, why is this?
he said lymphatic discharge is normal (yellow looking stuff)…so how do I know if it gets infected?

Please give me a source if you have any.
Also, if the sun is bad for it, could I cover up the area with like a towel or something, would that be ok?

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Open Question: Questions about beauty please read?

How can I get rid of acne without costly things like proactive? I heard that dove soap help clears it. It is all I’ve had to wash my face lately and it’s Been working, does it help or is it a coincidence because I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately and it’s supposed to help.

Is there a CHEAP way to make hair grow faster?

How can I look awesome without makeup? Is there an inexpensive way to get rid of under eye circles?

Is bleaching arm hair bad? I shaved my arms once when I was seven and they have gotten darker…

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Soap and Candle Making Questions – Answered!

Last year, I did a series called “Mailbag Monday” where I took readers’ questions and answered them online. Everything from “What’s that white stuff on my soap?” to “Can I use crayons to color my candles?” to “Can I recycle candle wicks?” to “Can I use milk to rebatch my soap?”

I collected the answers into an archive – and I think it’s fun to just pore over the questions and answers and see what other people are wondering about. They say…the only stupid question is one that’s not asked!

If you have a question for Mailbag Monday, just email it to me at I’ll try to incorporate it into the next Mailbag Monday series.

Mailbag Monday Question Archive

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