The most expensive properties in 11 special edition Monopoly games

The board spaces on the original Monopoly game were based on locations in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Through the game, the hoity-toitiest spots for property development in there, Boardwalk and Park Place, came to symbolize the uppermost reaches of real estate value. Since Parker Brothers (and later, Hasbro) began licensing the game for alternate versions, there have been hundreds of Monopoly …
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Open Question: How to clean my carpet without a special machine or something?


I have read the baking soda can clean but how?
Anyhome ways? I had have my carpet for 7 years!!! I dont want to buy a machine. Like what do i do to clean it home reciepes.. Like theow baking soda and water and soap and make it foam and put the vacum over it or something lol. Mu carpets dark red but I want it brighter!! :))

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Special Shaving Mugs for Special Shaving Soap

shaving soap mug
Painter’s Pallette Shaving Mug – Morphy Auctions

I made a batch of cold process shaving soap today. (You can make melt and pour shaving soap too…) Before I made the soap though, I was looking at various shaving mugs to pour the soap into. I love to have a set of mugs ready and then just pour half of the fresh soap into the mugs – and half of the soap into a 3″ PVC tube to use as “refills”. Imagine my delight when I found a whole gallery of various historical antique shaving mugs featured on my friend and colleague Pamela Wiggins’ Antiques site here on (I must admit, the batch of soap was delayed for an hour or so while I looked at shaving mugs, vintage valentine cards and Christmas collectibles.) I’ve always said that packaging and presentation can make or break a soap – at least from a retail sense – so why not dress up your shaving soap in a marvelous mug?

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